Monday, July 2, 2012

Dear Aiyana

Sometime last night you crawled into our bed, like you often do, to lay your weary head between mommy and daddy until the sun came up.  When I woke this morning, the first thing that I saw was a glimpse of you.  Your eyes were closed and you were sound asleep... you looked so precious.  I couldn't help but think of how beautiful you are.  Your eyes, which resemble mine, and your thick eyelashes and full lips that you got from daddy. Not wanting to get up quite yet, I layed there thinking about how blessed we are to have you in our lives.  You are such a caring soul and even at your tender young age, you have so much concern for others. I love you so much.  You made me smile, first thing in the morning.  Thank you sweetheart.

1 comment:

tbsomeday said...

what a sweet post amber
nothing like precious girls cuddled up with you
they grow up way too fast