Monday, July 30, 2012

Aiyana's Chuck E Cheese Party

The day before Aiyana's birthday we celebrated at Chuck E Cheese with a small group of friends and family.  I made gluten free cupcakes...

Chocolate with strawberry frosting and chocolate sprinkles and vanilla with buttercream frosting and rainbow sprinkles.

Once we arrived, the girls took off and we hardly saw them again the rest of the afternoon.

The Birthday Girl

Playing with her cousin Jolie...


The girls had so much fun in this thing.  I actually had to go in and get Clara out of it because once she climbed up into it, the only way out was too difficult for her to master. She was content playing in it for a good hour, but I eventually heard her crying for me and had to go in and rescue her :o(.

Happy Birthday to You.... Aiyana was very shy about being sung to.  She had to have her cousin Jolie by her side for support.

Daddy had to help her blow out the candles.

Each guest got a gift basket with sidewalk chalk, sunglasses and a light up bouncy ball.

Jolie bought beast friends necklaces to share with Aiyana.  How sweet :o)

Aiyana refused to open her gifts.  After we left she said she was too shy to open them. So we saved them for her actual birthday.


tbsomeday said...

too shy to open gifts!
never heard of it :)

i had to crawl up a play thing to save adessa when i was hugely pregnant with tayla---all the way to the top!

looks like they had a ball!
so sweet about the necklaces!

cupcakes look yummy!!

Jeri said...

It was nice to spend my birthday at Aiyana's party. I'm so glad she sat down long enough to get a picture with me. :-) Great tasting cup cakes, Amber.