Monday, July 30, 2012

Aiyana's 4th Birthday

Aiyana's birthday was on Sunday.  We had planned on letting her open her gifts on Sunday because she refused to open them at Chuck E Cheese the night before.  What we didn't plan on, but it was a super nice surprise, was having Aiyana's best friend from daycare come over.  We had invited Makenzie to Chuck E Cheese, but there was some confusion in the text that I sent Makenzie's mom (Sandy) and they were picking out Aiyana's gift while we were having the party.  I got a text that night and Sandy said they realized that they had missed the party :o(.  So I invited Makenzie over to play, have cupcakes and help Aiyana open gifts on Sunday.  It was a surprise to Aiyana and it was perfect because then we got a chance to get to know Makenzie's parents.  Funny thing is, Aiyana acted like it was nothing unusual when they arrived.  She was like "Hi Makenzie, lets go play". I was expecting a different reaction, but I know she was happy to have her over because she hasn't stopped talking about it since.


Gift from the Kendall's... Thanks Jocelyn! 
Clara has since confiscated the Minnie Mouse that she has dubbed "Minnie Boutique" after her favorite Mickey Mouse episode.

Tangeled Doll from the Saliego's.  Thanks Jolie!!! 
Jolie knew that Aiyana liked Tangeled so she picked out the gift for her. Makenzie told me that she has the same doll, hence the look on her face when she saw it :o).

Rapunzel/Tangeled hair styling set from the Van Dykes. Right up Aiyana's alley.  
Thanks Makenzie!!!

cute bag too...

I think this one is from uncle Travis and aunt Karen.  A movie and a bedtime book.  
Thanks Travis and Karen!!!

Two pair of flip flops from the Timmerman's. They are perfect.  
Thanks uncle Zach, aunt Mary and Mason!!!

My Little Pony remote controlled car from mom, dad and Clara.

My Little Pony train and train track from Nana. She loves this toy.  Thanks Nana!!!

Not sure how I missed the picture of my dad's gift on here, but my dad got her a My Little Pony Castle and play set which she LOVES.  Thanks grandpa Timmerman!!! Olin and Lori (Dana's parents) got her a gift card to Target.  Thanks grandma and grandpa Cummings!!!

Time for cupcakes... It was cute listening to them talk about how they only eat the top of their "ice cream".  That's what they kept calling it.  They did only eat the top (i.e. the frosting).

No pictures of me because I looked and felt terrible all weekend.  I think my mom grabbed a few of me at Chuck E Cheese though.

...and lastly, the haboob that swept in later that day.

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tbsomeday said...

all the fun girl stuff!
bet she had a great weekend!

and your silly weather names :)