Sunday, May 6, 2012

First Swim 2012

 This past Thursday we headed over to Dana's brother, Travis', house to celebrate his birthday and to celebrate Dana's youngest brother, Chris', graduation from ASU. I was playing with my camera settings on the way and I snapped these pictures of the girls listening to their Strawberry Shortcake movie.
  This picture of Clara reminds me of a picture that my mom has of me listening to my dad's headphones when I was a baby.
Aiyana, hesitant to jump in the pool...
Clara loved the pool last year and Aiyana wanted nothing to do with it.  So we thought that would be the case this year since Clara was willing to get right in.
...but... Clara didn't like it so much after she was taken off of the steps.
Aiyana wasn't about to let her sister one-up her so...
Dana worked with Aiyana to see if we could get her to learn how to float.
Tada... all by herself... with the help of arm floaties :o)
Clara enjoying a hot dog in her swim diapers...

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tbsomeday said...

ah, good times!
crazy that we were only a day behind here in iowa on the first swim :)