Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cinco de Derby Party - PCH Spine Team

One of the orthopaedic spine surgeons that I work for throws a big party each year for his close friends and members of the spine team at PCH.  Each year Dr White out does the last and this year was no exception. Dr White provided valet parking, catered food, a gorgeous view and live music (I didn't get to stay for this part).  The best part, though, is being able to hang out with such fun people outside of work.

These were in the foyer, greeting each guest as they came in... :o)

Now most people would wonder who the heck dressed up in a wrestling outfit for such an event, but it didn't even phase me when I saw Dr. Beck (one of our anesthesiologist's) dressed up as Luchador.  This is so him and, likewise, he keeps us entertained in the OR.
Part of the neuro-intraoperative monitoring team. L to R: Yvette, Dr. Williams, Nancy, Dr. Troester, Dr. White (spine surgeon), Me & Dr. Jarrar.
Kayla & I. Kayla is one of the scrub techs that hands the equipment over to the surgeons during a case.
Here's a small collection of folks that work on the spine team. L to R (back): Yvette (IONM), Nancy (IONM), Kayla (Scrub Tech), Heather (Scrub Tech), Dr. White (surgeon), Dr. Karlen (surgeon). L to R (front): Dr. Serlin (anesthesiologist), Me (IONM) & Dr. Segal (head of the Orthopaedic Surgery dept.)
Sunset from the back patio of Dr. White's house...

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tbsomeday said...

how fun!!
how nice of him to invite you all over
his place is beautiful!!

where are all your derby hats?
and the mint julips? ;)