Monday, May 14, 2012

Garden Update

I'll do my best identifying these, but I believe that this first picture is a picture of the two different types of tomatoes that we planted.  Dana planted both tomatoes closest to the block wall that sections off our yard.

 This would be the chives...
 ...and here we have basil
There are plenty of other sprouts, but I am not certain as to what they are yet.  As mentioned in a previous post, we also have onion, cilantro and green bell pepper planted in the garden.  It's so exciting to watch things grow from seeds.  I can't wait to have some fresh produce.  I will post more pictures when Dana completes the shade cover that he is constructing for the garden.

Mother's Day 2012

Let me start out by saying that the pictures you are about to see, in no way, reflect the type of day that Mother's Day was for me this year.  I think our children woke up and got a memo that read something along the lines of "It's Mother's Day therefor do everything in your power to make the day extremely difficult for your mother and remind her exactly why it is sometimes so hard to be a mom and not go crazy". 

Dana made me pancakes in the morning and Aiyana brought them up for me to eat while I was rushing to get ready for church. Aiyana proceeded to tell me Happy Mother's Day and then bowed her head, stuck out her bottom lip and said "When's my day?" I said "It's your day every other day of the year sweetheart". To which she fell to the floor and started crying and saying that she wanted it to be her day.  Once I consoled her, and the crying subsided, I finished getting ready and started to get the girls ready for church.  Aiyana insisted on convincing me that my skirt was all purple.  I said "No honey, there are all kinds of colors in my skirt".  "No there's not! Just purple" she says.  Finally I relented and said "Yes, it's all purple" wanting to avoid the subject and just get the heck out of the door on time for church. Aiyana responds in a very upset, loud and yelling voice... "It's not all purple!!!"  Seriously?  It was 39 minutes after the hour (the hour that church starts) and we were still in our house with both girls fighting us on getting their church clothes on.  I finally looked at Dana and said "What's the point?"  Like really... why even go at this point? I was so annoyed.  I failed to mention that I didn't want to wake early (and neither did Dana) so when our girls were up at 6:00 am... we were not.  As a result, we had cereal strung ALL OVER our house.  It turns out that the girls were hungry for breakfast and their bum parents could not get out of bed to feed them so they helped themselves. I really won't go on, but... it continued to be a bad day, full of drama and full of toddler tears.  I reflect on what created it all and I have a good feeling it stemmed from the fact that I shopped all day on Saturday (without the girls) and the girls did not take a nap the entire day.  Clara finally passed out on the floor in the living room and Aiyana upstairs in her bed, both before 6:00 am.  I came home, exhausted from hours of shopping, and felt no desire to wake their weary heads so I left them to sleep knowing that they would be up at "0:dark thirty" the next morning.  I certainly payed for it :o(

It wasn't all bad, though.  My mom came over after church and we grilled out.  There was lots of laughter and it is ALWAYS great to be with family.  My mom has a way of getting the girls out of their funk and we had fun playing hide-and- go-seek and video chatting with my brother Zach, his wife Mary and my little nephew Mason in California.

A good picture always makes a day go better for me and I really like this one of Aiyana and I.
...and this one
Clara was being a stinker for pictures, as usual, so this is the best we got of all of us...
 Clara thought that it would be fun to do a "sleeping picture" so I have a myriad of pictures with the two of them, eyes closed, pretending to sleep.  Clever idea Clara. I should have included at least one of those photos actually.

Here's my mom after opening her gift... She's trying to convince Aiyana to give it back to her.  The black beaded necklace is what I got her.  It's a really pretty necklace that a lady from my church makes.  I will do another post about her work after my mother-in-law gets her necklace.
 My Momma and I...
I just have to say that I have the bestest mom EVER!  My mom gives me so much comfort, love, advise, support and everything else that helps keep me grounded in life.  She is my best friend and I am so blessed to have her living so close to me here in Phoenix.  I love her so much and as my Nana (my mom's mom) would do, I will end this with some xxx's and ooo's in the amount that signifies the years that my mom has been an amazing mom to me.

These are yours mom!

Love, Amber

Huh, who knew that 34 o's take up more space than 34 x's?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Super Moon

Dana and I couldn't figure out why everyone was outside, with tripods, taking pictures of the moon until we got home after the Cinco de Derby party and our baby sitter said that it was a "super moon".  I got out my tripod and my telephoto lens and walla.... Love this picture :o)

Cinco de Derby Party - PCH Spine Team

One of the orthopaedic spine surgeons that I work for throws a big party each year for his close friends and members of the spine team at PCH.  Each year Dr White out does the last and this year was no exception. Dr White provided valet parking, catered food, a gorgeous view and live music (I didn't get to stay for this part).  The best part, though, is being able to hang out with such fun people outside of work.

These were in the foyer, greeting each guest as they came in... :o)

Now most people would wonder who the heck dressed up in a wrestling outfit for such an event, but it didn't even phase me when I saw Dr. Beck (one of our anesthesiologist's) dressed up as Luchador.  This is so him and, likewise, he keeps us entertained in the OR.
Part of the neuro-intraoperative monitoring team. L to R: Yvette, Dr. Williams, Nancy, Dr. Troester, Dr. White (spine surgeon), Me & Dr. Jarrar.
Kayla & I. Kayla is one of the scrub techs that hands the equipment over to the surgeons during a case.
Here's a small collection of folks that work on the spine team. L to R (back): Yvette (IONM), Nancy (IONM), Kayla (Scrub Tech), Heather (Scrub Tech), Dr. White (surgeon), Dr. Karlen (surgeon). L to R (front): Dr. Serlin (anesthesiologist), Me (IONM) & Dr. Segal (head of the Orthopaedic Surgery dept.)
Sunset from the back patio of Dr. White's house...

First Swim 2012

 This past Thursday we headed over to Dana's brother, Travis', house to celebrate his birthday and to celebrate Dana's youngest brother, Chris', graduation from ASU. I was playing with my camera settings on the way and I snapped these pictures of the girls listening to their Strawberry Shortcake movie.
  This picture of Clara reminds me of a picture that my mom has of me listening to my dad's headphones when I was a baby.
Aiyana, hesitant to jump in the pool...
Clara loved the pool last year and Aiyana wanted nothing to do with it.  So we thought that would be the case this year since Clara was willing to get right in.
...but... Clara didn't like it so much after she was taken off of the steps.
Aiyana wasn't about to let her sister one-up her so...
Dana worked with Aiyana to see if we could get her to learn how to float.
Tada... all by herself... with the help of arm floaties :o)
Clara enjoying a hot dog in her swim diapers...