Thursday, April 5, 2012

Preschool Pictures

I normally don't buy the pictures that are taken at the girl's preschool/daycare because I don't like the cheesy backdrops that the photographers typically use, but this year Dana and I decided to go all out purchasing sheets of the girl's pictures. They actually turned out really cute this year, despite what you see below. These were scanned with my crappy, old Dell printer. I really need to learn how to use Dana's new printer/scanner. Anyway, you get the idea... They were both looking at the camera and smiling and that was enough for me to like them. Plus, this is their last year at daycare so I wanted these pictures for sentimental reasons.

1 comment:

tbsomeday said...

they take them together!!!
how fun!!
i like the ones that turn out bad too
they make me laugh
but those are very nice!