Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter at Daycare

The girls had an Easter party at daycare on Friday. They were so excited to tell me about the suprise jumping castle that the daycare had set up for the kids to play in during the day. The kids had no idea that they were going to have such a fun day. The teachers usually collect all of the snacks and treats brought in by the families and make bags for each child to take home (i.e. they don't want the kids hyped up on sugar while in their care). So we have to deal with the candy hungry monsters when we get them home. This year I decided to just let the girls have at it. I think they were sick by evening :o(. Anway, here they are devouring their treats...

Aiyana and Clara kept feeding each other sweets out of their own bags... It was really cute to watch. Note Aiyana's candy covered mouth...

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tbsomeday said...

kids and candy
such a sweet combination :)

i too have switched to the let them have at it more
gone sooner that way :)