Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's New Around Here...

There are many changes on the horizon in the Cumming's household. As mentioned in a prior post, I started a new business venture as a photographer and I am super excited about it. Here's my new logo...
I am also going to be a SAHM starting in September. For those not familiar with the acronym, that means I will be staying at home with my kids instead of shipping them off to daycare five days a week. I am extremely excited about this change. I feel like this bit of news deserves an entirely separate post so I will reserve the remainder of my thoughts for a later entry, but I just had to get the news out there for now especially since I've made it official with work.

Last weekend, Aiyana got her second haircut ever and it was done by Stylist Mwa :o). It was a long over-due haircut, but I held off only because every time I mentioned cutting her hair she would give me a pouty face and say "no, it will hurt" or "no, I don't want my hair cut short". I didn't want to cut it for selfish reasons (i.e. it's a pain in the booty to comb through). I finally decided to bite the bullet and bought some good hair cutting sheers. I set her on our bathroom counter and snipped a few sections. The look on her face when she saw the cut pieces almost made me cry :o(... almost. She soon got over it and seemed excited that she was getting a new look. Remember... she's my girly girl. Here's a collection of photos that Dana took of the process.

I love how she is sitting because I use to sit that way when I was little :o).

She kept herself entertained wrapping tissues around the candles.
Here she is checking out her new haircut...

Her hair looks so thick and healthy now...

Another bit of exciting news... WE HAVE ORANGE BLOSSOMS!!!

Our citrus trees took a hard hit last winter, but they are coming back. I think the lime tree was hit the worst which sucks because it was bigger than the navel orange tree. The key lime tree produced a ton of fruit the first year we had it, but it doesn't have any new buds sprouting this season. I am thinking we will see the key lime tree come around next year. In any case... Our orange tree is still pretty small, but we can at least anticipate a few yummy oranges this year.

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tbsomeday said...

how fun!
it's amazing what a difference trimming of the "stragglers" can make!

woohoo on the orange blossom
WOOHOO on sahm
i'm so jealous
enjoy it!!! :)