Sunday, January 29, 2012

Caterina, Ballerina... Angelina Ballerina...

I think it's about time I get at least one of these girls started in dance. Both Aiyana and Clara are fascinated with a cartoon called Angelina Ballerina. Aiyana walks around all day thinking that she is a "caterina" which is really a ballerina. The name "Caterina" came from a Halloween outfit that Aiyana wore when she was 2 (which was a ballerina/cat costume). She still remembers this? In any case... She believes that she is a true "caterina". Clara will also dress up in one of the five tu tu options that we have at home. Typically Aiyana will pick out her tu tu first and then she will dress Clara in one of the remaining options. In addition to the tu tu, Aiyana must remove her shirt and pants. In her mind... "caterinas" do not wear shirts or pants... just a tu tu. I've tried to convince her that leggings would be like wearing tights, but she wont have it. So here she is this morning, removing her shirt and sporting her clip-on earrings and tu tu. Such a girly girl.

I thought I should share this picture too. I put the girl's Dora couch on the coffee table so that I could vacuum. I put the vacuum away and here is what I found when I came back into the room. This poor coffee table has turned into a play table, a dance stage and now a lounge platform.

Here's the little one. She might be getting sick. She woke up a couple of times last night with a stuffy nose and barely able to breath. So far this has been a good winter without the sickies (other than myself getting bronchitis). I hope we can keep the girls healthy.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jessica's Photoshoot

Meet Jessica. Jessica took a little while to warm up to me/the camera, but I am so glad that she did because she is such a pretty girl and her pictures turned out amazing. Jessica has about every color imaginable in her eyes (green, blue, brown, yellow) and I had so much fun using the light to bring out those colors.

Kendra's Photoshoot

Meet Kendra... This girl photographs amazingly well. She's got the confidence to back up that look and that's what makes her so easy to photograph. I seriousely had a hard time picking out my favorite of the bunch, but alas... here they are...

Amanda's Photoshoot

Meet Jessica and Kendra's friend, Amanda. This girl has some amazing blue eyes. Amanda was just tagging along with the other girls and really didn't seem interested in getting her picture taken... or maybe she was shy? In any case, she finally obliged and I am so glad that she did. Like the other two girls, she photographs well.

Thanks Amanda!

Sisters - Jessica & Kendra

I had the opportunity to photograph two beautiful girls this past weekend, Jessica and Kendra (my coworker's daughters). The entire photo shoot was at Scorpion Gulch in Phoenix Arizona. The girls were kind enough to let me practice my photography skills and I think they were fantastic models.

Thanks Jessica and Kendra!

This following collage is more of a marketing banner...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Daddy's Bed

Apparently mommy does not have a bed in this house because mine and Dana's bed is known as "Daddy's bed" according to our children. Unfortunately, mommy and daddy have let Aiyana and Clara get into the routine of watching cartoons in daddy's bed until they fall asleep. Once upon a time I was able to crawl into bed, after giving the girls their evening bath, and watch DVR'd episodes of American Idol, Survivor, The Bachelor, The Bacheloret, The Kardashians, Sister Wives... You get the idea... I'm a reality TV show junkie. Alas, my bed has been over-run by my kids. Sigh... I will eventually have to put an end to this, but it's just so easy to lay them down with a cartoon so that I can finish cleaning up the evening mess. It's either this or lay down next to them in their beds for an hour until we both pass out and I wake up at 1:00 am, on the floor, with a sore shoulder and disoriented as to where I am. Cartoons in daddy's bed seems like the better option.

Southwest Chicken Enchilada Lasagna

1 chicken breast (seasoned cooked and shredded)
2 15 oz jars of salsa
1 can of black beans (rinsed and drained)
2 cups of frozen corn
3 cups of frozen spinach (thawed and squeezed to get rid of excess liquid)
cheddar cheese (as little or as much as you would like)
soft corn tortillas

Layer the ingredients in a casserole dish making sure to keep the corn tortillas wet with the salsa. Cook for about 30-45 minutes. Delicious AND Gluten Free.

Fruit Smoothie

One Blender

One Banana

Two cups of Unsweetened Almond Milk

Two cups of Frozen Berries

Three tablespoons of Honey

Three tablespoons of Golden Flax Meal

Blend and...

You have yourself one yummy and very healthy treat... Absolutely refreshing.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Clara's Second Birthday Party

We had Clara's party the day after she actually turned 2. Here's the the lil' cutie before everyone arrived for her party...

Here's the Neapolitan Cake that I made for her (note: I am not good a decorating cakes)...

Singing Happy Birthday to her...

She's holding up her hand and all of her fingers to say that she is two...

I also made Funfetti cupcakes with sprinkles...

Aiyana, excited about cake :o)

Mommy & Clara...

Kisses for the birthday girl...

Clara opening presents. She was trying to get the tag off of the dress that Grandma and Grandpa Cummings got her.

Trying it on...

Here she is sitting on the Dora couch that Dana and I got for her...

Leap Frog Computer from Grandpa Timmerman. Notice how Aiyana is fighting for it and Clara just smiles.

Dora backpack from Uncle Zach and Aunt Mary...

Passed out after her party...

I was video taping while Clara opened her gifts so I didn't get all of the gifts on camera. Clara also got some Dora Mega Blocks and a really cool, interactive, Leap Frog Computer from her Nana and some Lego's from her Aunt Sasha and Cousin Jolie.

Clara Turns Two

My baby just became a two year old. Here she is the day before she turned two...

Here's Clara dancing to the Dora theme song after getting back from a day spent at Nana's house, on her second birthday.

Watching Dora...

...and here is what happened to me on Clara's second birthday :o(. A man in a one ton truck hit me at an intersection not too far from our house. I am still waiting to hear about the fate of my vehicle. Luckily, the kids were not with me. I was fortunate enough to be in a big vehicle... the damages are pretty extensive. I will start physcial therapy on my neck next week, but I am doing okay other than feeling stress and anxiety about being on the road with such careless drivers.