Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Friend Funner

Meet Jennifer... Well, Jennifer in 1989 that is :o). I was best friends with this girl up until she moved when I was in high school. Jennifer's nickname was Funner, she got the nickname from her little brother Jonathen who had a hard time pronouncing her name when he was younger. I happen to think that the name Funner was very fitting because Jennifer was always a ton of fun to hang out with. I picked strawberries for money with this girl, I learned how to drive an old school stick shift (in the neighbors field) with this girl, I made fake poop out of clay that we gathered by the river with this girl, I learned how to bake with this girl, I tried Avon make-up for the first time with this girl, I discovered a wonderful and inviting religion with this girl... There are so many memories. We had so much fun together.

Here we are with a group of girls from our 6th grade class. We were on a field trip at Living History Farms in Iowa. I am still really good friends with some of these girls. L to R: Amy, Tabby, Becky, Jennifer, Me and Sarah.

Here's Jennifer and I at her house. We did each other's hair all crazy and put food coloring on her white cat. Don't judge us!

Here we are in 7th grade. L to R: Jenny, Me, Lindsay & Jennifer.

I think this was right before Jennifer moved in 1992, but I could be totally wrong. Like my shirt? Ha, ha... It matches the curtains :o)

"Why this post all about my friend Jennifer?" you ask. It's because I just found out that Jennifer moved to PHOENIX!!! Yay!!! I couldn't be happier if you cannot tell :o).

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tbsomeday said...

i'm so excited for you amber!
you two had something very special
still do of course

loved the old pics