Sunday, December 4, 2011

Early Christmas with My Family

We celebrated Christmas early with my family this year since everyone was here for Thanksgiving. I hosted Thanksgiving so my mom had Christmas at her house. Complete with a yummy brunch, it was a wonderful day.

Can you believe that these were the crayons that we used when we were younger? Who knew that crayons kept that long?

This is my sister's boyfriend, Joey. Yes... he's wearing a onsie and no... he has no shame.

The kids playing...

Passing out gifts...

Opening gifts...

Both Aiyana and Clara got a Tangled hairbrush from Alisa and Joey.

The girls got adorable outfits from Zach & Mary and Alisa & Joey. The skirts in this picture are part of an outfit from Aunt Alisa.

My dad showing Aiyana the Agua Doodle he got her. He got one for Clara as well... Those things are pretty cool.

The cousins in front of the tree at Nana's

Clara still has on that skirt :o)

Awe... I love this one

Mason never went without love, hugs and kisses all weekend... The girls just loved him to pieces :o)

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tbsomeday said...

so cute!
girls looked adorable with their hair curled!!