Friday, December 2, 2011

2011 Christmas Card

2011 for the Cummings Family
Dana, Amber, Aiyana & Clara

2011 started with Clara turning 1 year old in January. We had a Winnie the Pooh Birthday party for her and many of our friends and family were able to make it to help us celebrate. Uncle Zach and Aunt Alisa were even here since the Timmerman family celebrated a late Christmas for 2010. Clara continues to fill our lives with joy. Dana and I think that Clara is definitely the “jokester” of the bunch and she never ceases to make us laugh with her funny faces and her goofy character. Even at her young age, she appears to play off of our reactions.

Aiyana turned 3 in July and I must say that it was her best birthday party yet because with this party, she knew it was her special day. By her request, Aiyana had a Dora themed birthday party and it was filled with friends, family, food, games and fun. Aiyana is such an affectionate little girl. She is a bit bossy with Clara, but at the same time we know that she means well and really just likes to play the “big girl” roll with her younger sister. With that comes so much love and nurturing towards her most favorite little sister and friend, Clara.

On that note, Clara isn’t quite so little anymore. Aiyana’s clothes no longer go into totes for storing when they do not fit her… They go straight into Clara’s closet. In fact we are currently in the process of figuring out how to make our 24mo/2T pant collection suffice for both girls. Aiyana is in 3T clothes, but her legs are shorter so she can still wear the 2T pants. Clara is in 18mo clothes, but the pants are too short.

Dana is moving his way up as an accountant at Indian Health Services. He was promoted to the AP Supervisory Accountant position this year. With his job come many challenges as he tries to mentor some of the employees that have been with the company for many years. One of the biggest challenges seems to be trying to train them to use more current software. I am extremely proud of my husband because he was asked by the church to teach the Gospel Essentials class (the new member class) and he has done such an excellent job with that roll. He is dedicated to his calling and he brings to the classroom compassion and understanding for those who are trying to appreciate the church and also for those who have fallen away from the church and would like to embrace it again.

As for me… I continue to work full time and then some at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. I perform epilepsy monitoring (EEG’s) and intra-operative neuro monitoring for various spine and tumor resection surgeries. Our new hospital opened its doors this summer and with that came a merge with a nearby hospital. Our patient load has doubled and our services have expanded to the point where we are now ranked as one of the top children’s hospitals in the nation. I've been continuing to practice on my photography skills and I hope to some day become a professional photographer. My most favorite and important role in life has been motherhood and some day Dana and I hope to add more little Cumming's kiddos to our family (maybe just one more) :o).

Our top 5 goals for 2012
1) Learn to live on one income and save the other 2) Plant a garden 3) Become “extreme couponers” (but I draw the line at dumpster diving) 4) Start Aiyana in soccer and 5) Potty train Clara and become a diaper free house for a little while.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
Love: Dana, Amber Aiyana & Clara


Zach said...

Good stuff

Stephanie in Page said...

Thanks for sharing. Cute pic!

tbsomeday said...

such a beautiful family
love the resolutions part :)

Justin, Jenica, and Briella said...

Beautiful family! Merry Christmas Cummings family!