Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

Here's a couple of my many attempts to take a good Halloween picture of the two girls...

In the above picture, Aiyana reminds me of an ungrateful teenager and Clara is in the midst of saying "done" as she walks off :o/. Then there's the attempts made outside. Being the smart mom that I am, I thought that the girls would be excited about making their way outside for trick-or-treating and therefor I would get happy pictures. Instead, I got a very angry Clara because she was ready to trick-or-treat NOW! In the picture below she is shaking her finger at me saying "No". She was not in the mood for pictures.

We bought Aiyana a very cute Cinderella dress a few weeks back. The dress hung in Aiyana's closet and she begged me to let her wear it on numerous occasions. I wanted to keep it nice for Halloween so I told her no, but Halloween rolled around and Aiyana was less than pleased with the fit of her costume :o(. "Too tickley" she exclaimed. So off with the costume and I had to find something quick. It was either a German dress I wore when I was two (it was adorable on her) or a hula outfit that Dana and I picked up when we were in Kauai. She picked the hula outfit.
Admiring her skirt...

Clara was either going to be Catarina (Aiyana's costume last year) or Tinker Bell (if I could make the outfit fit her). The Tinker Bell went better with Aiyana's princess costume so I went with that one for Clara. Aiyana actually wore this outfit on her very first trick-or-treating adventure.

The above is Clara's new "say cheese" face.

She made for a darling little Tinker Bell...

Here she was singing one of the common Dora songs, bouncing her head back and forth to the music.

Another "say cheese" face...

This year we decided to stick around our neighborhood in order to limit the huge amounts of candy we received last year... it didn't work by the way, we still got tons of candy. So that meant we couldn't go to Nana's house this year :o(. So Nana came to us and gave the girls some special treats.

Ready to go trick-or-treating...

This is probably the best shot I got of the two of them together...

Waiting at the first house. Aiyana was more bashful than Clara as long as there where no dogs around. If they had a dog then Clara was out of there.

She looks so tiny up against the big door :o)

"Is anyone coming to give me candy?"

This is our neighbor's daughter, Elena. Elena is around Aiyana's age, but unfortunately they are going to be in separate grades :o(. Aiyana will enter Kindergarten before Elena.

This lil one is Maren. Don't her and Elena look a lot alike? Maren is around Clara's age, but I don't recall whether or not they will be in the same grade.

After a while the girls got tired and wanted to sit in the wagon. From that point on they just sat in the wagon while people brought the candy to their buckets :o)

A sucker for each after we go home... then off to bed.

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