Friday, October 7, 2011

New Curtains

Last weekend's curtain hanging goal wasn't completed until late Thursday evening for many reasons... 1) I was on call and I tend to get cruddy luck while on call and 2) I wanted a style of curtain from Anna's Linens and there was not a store in town that sold 95" panels in the Marquis style. So... with no time to hang the rods and no curtains to put on the rods we were forced to wait until the panels were shipped and until I was actually present to get the job done. So Thursday evening (while I was on call again), my husband and I forced ourselves to just "get 'er done". Dana had to run to Lowes and buy a new power drill because the charger to ours is MIA. He thinks it's somewhere around the house, I think it was loaned out to someone and never returned. Initially I thought his brother might be the culprit, but now that I think about it... that power drill has been loaned out to everyone and their brother so who knows what happened to it. The old power drill is worthless to us now. So anyhow... He gets back with the new drill, we put the girls to bed and come 9:00 pm we are ready to hang curtains. Tired and cranky we managed to get through it. I am so happy that we finally have window treatments on these windows. Maybe next month we will get around to painting another room.

I hate to say it, but I am not that crazy about the way that the curtains look in the dining room. I like to consider myself Traditional with a Modern twist in my decorating style, but with the color of my dining room and the curtains I think this room looks Colonial in style. For one, the wall color is not the color I had originally picked out since the guy at Lowes decided to leave out a number when he mixed our paint (it happened to be the white). Unfortunately we had 3/4 of our walls painted already and we were most of the way through our second coat when we noticed that the new paint didn't match :o(. I LOVED the original color. Now it's a bit too dark for me, but oh well. I wasn't going to re-paint. Same with the curtains... I just don't have the energy to shop around for something that I'll love. So, I'll have to grow to love these.

I am much more fond of the way the curtains look in this room. I love how the rope looks in the center of each panel.

These rooms are just about complete. We still need some blinds on each side of the front door and we have some blank wall space to use for some of Dana's artwork that he collected on a past trip to South Africa. I also plan to put some things on the ledge that divides the two rooms.


Jana said...

Your photos should be in a magazine Amber! I like the curtains :)

tbsomeday said...

very nice my decorator friend
you lost me on a lot of the trendy lingo...i'll just ask you if i ever have a nice place i need to dazzle up :)