Friday, October 28, 2011

My 34th Birthday

I'm getting old... SIGH...

(a not so flattering post work/stressful day picture)

My mom made me a yummy Heath Bar Cake... Yummm.

(look at all of those candles... Did I mention that I am getting old?)

My dad and I the day before my birthday. My dad asked me if I remembered having a big party out at the log home for his 40th Birthday. Of course I remember it and I'm only 6 years away from that age!!! It totally put things into perspective for me when he mentioned that... I'm getting old!!!

My mom and I on my birthday. My mom told me many stories from when I was little. She said that I was such a good baby and that I hardly ever cried. Where can I get me one of those kinds of babies? :o)

All jokes aside... I feel blessed that Our Heavenly Father has given me a healthy body to live to be 34 and hopefully on to 100. Every day I see sickness and often death at work and I thank the Lord that I am healthy now and that he has blessed me with this life.

Happy 34th Birthday to Me!!!


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great birthday!!!

tbsomeday said...

you look fabulous!

Rebecca Rushton said...

Happy Birthday!!