Friday, October 7, 2011

Kiss, but Don't Tell!

I found out one day this week that Aiyana was put in time out for kissing boys in her classroom... on the lips. When I was told this my first thought was "time out is a harsh punishment for such a kind gesture", but I was told that she was asked to stop and continued doing it so... Anyway, I guess they pulled her from the classroom and put her in a room with one of the supervisors (Deana) for a period of time. Deana told Aiyana that the only boy she should be kissing is her daddy. So after a while of solitary punishment Deana asked Aiyana if she was going to kiss any boys again and Aiyana replied with "No, I no kiss boys... I only kiss daddy". Bless her cute little heart :o).

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tbsomeday said...

that is adorably sweet!!!
i remember when dessa got in trouble for kissing a boy
oh..what's yet to come :)