Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Daycare Bullying

On Monday I dropped my precious little Clara off in her classroom at daycare for the day. I often watch the girls mingle with their peers for a while before I take off for work or sometimes I will spy on them when I get there to pick them up at the end of the day. This time I watched as Clara walked slowly towards the other kids. I could tell that Clara was anxious to play, but she was acting a bit apprehensive after coming back from the weekend. I smiled to myself thinking, she is so precious and so delicate. My blissful thoughts were soon swept away by this brute of a tot who comes straight up to Clara and pushes her clean over, sending her several feet from the path she was walking in :o(. Clara fell over and immediately started to cry. The teacher was engaged in some sort of paper work she was doing and had no clue as to what happened, in fact she said "what happened?". I said "that little boy just pushed her over". I rushed to swoop up Clara. The teacher set the little boy aside and then proceeded to take Clara out of my arms. I turned away from her... I'm sorry, but I am at work when this sort of stuff probably happens all day... Let me comfort my own child! I told the teacher that Clara gets bossed around by her older sister at home, but she never gets pushed with that sort of force. It made me mad. I had visions of spanking that little boys butt. Sigh... There are some things that I wonder if I will ever be able to accept about daycare.


tbsomeday said...

aw :(

sometimes i see playground injustices out our office window where a kid gets hurt or wrongfully in trouble and i want to scream down at the teacher what really happened
then i remind myself i'm sure it happens in my own house all the time

but it's sad seeing your baby plowed over :(

Sara said...

Oh gosh, poor Clara! And poor Mommy :-( Do you ever see that kid's parents at drop-off or pickup? Or could the teachers talk to them for you? If he's Clara's age he's not too young for them to work with him on keeping his hands to himself!