Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dana's 32nd Birthday & Pics of The Girls

We sort of celebrated Dana's birthday in Vegas by going out to eat before we met up with Dana's brother and friends. So for Dana's actual birthday we had a pretty mild night. I cooked dinner, made him a brownie cake and we sang happy birthday...

After Dana blew out his candles, we lit a candle for Aiyana and Clara to practice blowing them out... they had fun with that.

Here's Aiyana and Clara in outfits that their Auntie Carminda bought for them.

Clara's catching up to her big sister. In this picture she looks bigger/taller than Aiyana, but Aiyana still has several inches on her.

Nice... No love for the camera :o(

Aiyana really loves to give her sister big hugs...

1 comment:

tbsomeday said...

happy birthday dana :)
brownie cake looks great!

we have to take turns singing to each girl for every birthday so they all get to blow out a candle too--but they need the song as well :)

girls are adorable!
love the curls!!!