Sunday, October 23, 2011

Aiyana - 38 Months

The first time we saw Tangled I said that Rapunzel looks like Aiyana with her blonde hair and big eyes. Now Aiyana gets excited to see Rapunzel as a baby on the movie.

We bought curlers for Aiyana's hair. It was fun rolling her hair up and anticipating what it would look like the next day.

She looks mad, but she was really happy to have the curlers in her hair.

Watching cartoons before bed...


Before the curls relaxed a bit, she looked like Shirley Temple

Goofy Girl


tbsomeday said...

great shot of her eyes too!!!!

tbsomeday said...

you'll have to try crimpies
put in a bunch of little braids and then have 80's poof hair the next day
dessa loves that

Sara said...

She looks really cute in curls! I'm impressed she let you put the curlers in and even more impressed that she left them in there the whole time! We've told Emily we think she looks like Rapunzel too so that movie's a big hit around our house as well!