Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party 2011

I didn't want to pay a lot for a costume this year so I scrounged for things in my own closet. I slapped together a cat outfit with all black clothes, cat ears, a bow tie and a tail. Nothing special, but it worked.

My mom and I went to a party at a friend of a friend's house. My friend Jenny invited us.

My mom wore a Viking outfit that my sister wore a couple of years ago. She made for a gorgeous Viking.

I don't even remember this guys name. I call him Czajkowski because he got that word when we were playing Catch Phrase at my friend Jenny's birthday party and he was like "how the hell is anyone going to guess this?" We all laughed for quite a long time about it. Anyway, he and his girlfriend dressed as bumble bees (his idea). That's Peyton Manning on the right.

Muammar Gaddafi

My friend Jenny and her boyfriend Moe - They were the White House party crashers. Jenny sewed her entire dress and I think she did an excellent job. I had no idea she was such a Martha Stewart.

Jenny, my mom & I

Shiela (the Black Swan) - The host of the party

Thadius (protester)

I had plans to go to this party with my mom and I found out on Thursday that I had to do an early morning surgery on Sunday so I was thinking about not going to the party since I had to get up so early the next day. I am so glad that I changed my mind and that I went for a little while. It was a lot of fun and I forgot how much I like to get dressed up for Halloween.

Daycare Halloween Party 2011

I dressed the girls up as Halloweena's (Halloween ballerina's). I had to think of something that would work because I wanted them to be dressed up for their party at daycare, but I didn't want them to wear their costumes before trick-or-treating in them. Clara won the most creative costume in her classroom. Aiyana won in her classroom last year.

In light of Halloween, ghosts and goblins... I'll leave you with this rather funny video of Clara getting scared of a shadow puppet that Dana was making using a light on our wall...

Friday, October 28, 2011

My 34th Birthday

I'm getting old... SIGH...

(a not so flattering post work/stressful day picture)

My mom made me a yummy Heath Bar Cake... Yummm.

(look at all of those candles... Did I mention that I am getting old?)

My dad and I the day before my birthday. My dad asked me if I remembered having a big party out at the log home for his 40th Birthday. Of course I remember it and I'm only 6 years away from that age!!! It totally put things into perspective for me when he mentioned that... I'm getting old!!!

My mom and I on my birthday. My mom told me many stories from when I was little. She said that I was such a good baby and that I hardly ever cried. Where can I get me one of those kinds of babies? :o)

All jokes aside... I feel blessed that Our Heavenly Father has given me a healthy body to live to be 34 and hopefully on to 100. Every day I see sickness and often death at work and I thank the Lord that I am healthy now and that he has blessed me with this life.

Happy 34th Birthday to Me!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Clara 21 Months

Our baby is growing. We measured Clara's height on our growing stick and she is now taller than Aiyana was when Aiyana was 2 years old. Pretty soon both of the girls will be in the same size clothes. Right now Aiyana wears a 3T and Clara is transitioning from 18 months to a 2T.

Here's a picture of Clara chilling out in an outfit that her Aunt Carminda bought for her.

Clara's eyes are as dark as Aiyana eyes are light :o)

Aiyana - 38 Months

The first time we saw Tangled I said that Rapunzel looks like Aiyana with her blonde hair and big eyes. Now Aiyana gets excited to see Rapunzel as a baby on the movie.

We bought curlers for Aiyana's hair. It was fun rolling her hair up and anticipating what it would look like the next day.

She looks mad, but she was really happy to have the curlers in her hair.

Watching cartoons before bed...


Before the curls relaxed a bit, she looked like Shirley Temple

Goofy Girl

Dana's 32nd Birthday & Pics of The Girls

We sort of celebrated Dana's birthday in Vegas by going out to eat before we met up with Dana's brother and friends. So for Dana's actual birthday we had a pretty mild night. I cooked dinner, made him a brownie cake and we sang happy birthday...

After Dana blew out his candles, we lit a candle for Aiyana and Clara to practice blowing them out... they had fun with that.

Here's Aiyana and Clara in outfits that their Auntie Carminda bought for them.

Clara's catching up to her big sister. In this picture she looks bigger/taller than Aiyana, but Aiyana still has several inches on her.

Nice... No love for the camera :o(

Aiyana really loves to give her sister big hugs...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vegas 2011 - Travis & Karen's Bach. Party

Dana and I headed to Vegas last weekend while my mom watched the girls. Dana's brother, Travis, and his fiance, Karen, had a combined bachelor/bachelorette party. Dana and I had a great time. I took a lot of pictures, as usual, but I collected some of my favorites for this post since I didn't want to be up all night uploading photos.

Ready to head out for the night...

Dana in his stunna shades...

This is where we stayed, Treasure Island. On the online map, it looked like our hotel was right across from Planet Hollywood (where Dana's brother was staying), but in fact it was in the middle of the strip and no where near the south side. Treasure Island was just re-done and the rooms were very nice though.

Hotel Paris...

This is where we hung out all night...

My Hubby & I...

The bachelorette girl & I...

Dana and his two younger brothers, Travis & Chris...

Our VIP table was right next to Holly Madison's.

I have no idea who the other two chics in this picture are.

Some of the girls: Sasha, Karen's sister, Karen's sister (Christine), Karen & I

Chris girlfriend Lexi & I (Chris cracks me up in the background)

The next day we went and had crepes at the Bellagio... YUMMM!

They had their fall decor out.

This face would move and talk every once in a while :o)

I'll leave you with these videos since this is how we ended our Friday evening in Vegas.

Pretty funny stuff... Dana riding an electronic bull...

I have no idea who this dude is, but I thought his video was funny...