Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pre Party

My sister Alisa and my friend Tabby met me at my hotel in Rock Island before we headed out for the night to meet more of our friends. As you can see, we were having fun with my camera. The pictures are kind of grainy because I forgot to turn on the flash and the room didn't have good lighting.

My Sister - Alisa


Give me... A Kid on Christmas face... ha, ha

Give me... Sassy - Tab was taking my picture because I was complaining that there wasn't a single picture of me on my vacation.

My sister and I

Tabby & I - Nice pose ha, ha


Jeri said...

These are great pictures. Everyone looks so pretty.

tbsomeday said...

you and alisa are such great posers!!
i need to learn your tricks for always looking perfect...even when you're being silly :)