Saturday, September 3, 2011

Out With My Bestest Friends

On our way to catch The Loop, a bus that drives you to many of the QC attractions as well as the happening night spots. The guy in this picture just got married that day. Shame on him, but I think he was flirting with my sister and Tab.

Nice eh?

The Loop

Alisa, Tab & I - On our way to meet everyone

The group, minus Jana & Mechell

Tab, Amy, Robin, Karri, Alisa & I

Out of order - This was on the bus as well...

EEG Girls - We are all EEG Techs or at least registered in EEG ;o)

Robin, Amy, Tab, Me & Karri

Alisa & Jana

Alisa & Tab

Um... Yeah... We had fun :o)

Karri & her husband Chris

Mechell & Robin trying to figure out The Loop map...

Me, Alisa & Mechell

The guy on the left side of the picture looks like he might throw up ha, ha... What was going on over there Tab?

My Yahoo Group of friends... Love them.

Amy, Tab, Me, Karri & Jana

Tabby & Amy busting a move...

Instead of Where is Waldo... This one is where is Robin ha, ha.

That's all Folks! I leave you with a picture of my beautiful sister.


Jeri said...

It looks like you girls had a wonderful night out together. I'm so happy you had so much fun with Alisa and your friends.

tbsomeday said...

great pics amber!

that was SUCH fun night!!!

lol--about the vomiting idea who that even was
was he part of the chicago bus group?