Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Havasupai - Day 1

Getting closer...

New Navajo Falls (the old falls were destroyed in the flooding of 2008). Not a bad replacement :o)

I played around with the camera settings a lot. The above photos were taken with a slow shutter speed (to make the water look like it is in motion) and the photos below were taken with regular camera settings. With a slower shutter speed more light is let into the camera, hence the brighter photos.

Slower shutter speed again...

Top of Havasu Falls - There use to be more travertine pools at the bottom of these falls, before the flooding changed the water routes.

Havasu Falls

Above - regular settings & Below - slow shutter

Run off from Havasu Falls - These are some of my favorite pictures from the whole trip. I couldn't decide which was my favorite so here's all of them...

Dana & I - Havasu Falls

Our Campsite - The water stream ran on the right side of our tents.

Moonlight Flowers - These flowers are all over Havasupai, they bloom after dark and stay open until mid morning.

The trail along the camprground follows along the beautiful blue green water.

Stay tuned for Saturday's adventure to Beaver Falls...


tbsomeday said...

how beautiful!!
i so wish i could have gone
the color of the pools is amazing in contrast to the rocks especially

i like the difference in the shutter speeds
the moonflowers are SO COOL!!
flowers that bloom at night

Jana said...

AMAZING photos Amber!!!

Jeri said...

You did an excellent job with all your posts about your trip. Your descriptions and photos make me feel like I was there! I love how the falls and the water look with the slow shutter speed. What a difference. You should blow up some of these photos, they are fantastic!