Monday, September 19, 2011

Havasupai 2011 - Hike Down

We made another trip to Havasupai, four years after our first trip to see the falls. This time we had more time and could justify hiking back out instead of taking the hellicopter (in 2007 Dana and I hiked in and hellicoptered out the next day). My friend Amy made the trip from Iowa to share the fun and exciting experience with us. I am so glad that Amy could make it and I only hope that more people I know and love will be able to make this journey down to one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Western Arizona

We passed through many thunderstorms and a lot of rain in our early morning drive north to the rim of the Grand Canyon. We left when it was still dark and the lightning would literally fill the sky with several strands of glowing sparks. It was truly a wonderous light show during most of our drive out of Phoenix. We finally broke through the isolated storms and made it to the hilltop only to see it raining over the eastern side of the canyon. Luckily we never encountered rain on our hike in. The cloud cover made for a reasonably cool hike down too.

Western Rim of the Grand Canyon

Here's Amy with the two camelbacks that we brought. One pack held mine and Amy's water and the other held Dana's. We figured each pack weighed about 10 pounds however I think that Dana's frozen Gatorade made his rediculously heavy. I was the first to complain about it and also the first to drink out of it when we stopped for a break ha, ha. It was a fabulous and refreshing idea, just sucked carrying it.

Dana with his 30 lb Backpack

Me with mine and Amy's 30 lb Backpack - Fashionable isn't it?

My Hubby and I

Here we Go...

I can't tell you how many trains of pack mules we passed on our way down. It was annoying to me because it slowed us down every time we had to move over for them. I was on a mission :o). I wanted to get to those beautiful falls.

Bottom of the Switchbacks

Bottom of the Canyon

Amy and I couldn't get our water bladders to work properly at first so out of desparation Amy improvised.

After a while the terrain changes and you start to hike under smaller canyon walls...

My 5 miles were done... Amy's turn :o)

I couldn't get over how tall that pack looked on Amy. She got many approving and impressed glances.

Our first glimpse of crystal clear water... It's enticing when you've hiked for 7 miles. Makes you wanna just jump right in.

Yay!!! The village is near... We've almost completed 8 miles of the 10 mile hike.

Entrance to Supai Village

Latter Day Saints Church

Heading out of the Village to the Campsite

Only 1 more mile to the first water fall... Stay tuned!


Zach said...

Great photos Amber

tbsomeday said...

i love hiking but that looks hot :)

looks like they had mules and horses?

backpacks do not look very fun...but i'm sure necessary ;)

can you swim in the water?

where does the water come from?

you and amy looked very cute :)