Saturday, September 24, 2011

Daycare Artwork

I wanted to share some of my children's beautiful artwork with you...

Feathers - By Clara

Monsters - By Aiyana

If you are like me... I thought. There is no way a child who just turned three could draw something like this with such interesting detail. The above picture was drawn on the back of a worksheet that Aiyana worked on at daycare. I showed it to Dana, and to my mom, and we all thought that maybe the teacher might have sketched the picture on the back of her paperwork. The next day there was a similar drawing so I asked Aiyana "What is this?". Aiyana replied "It's a monster". I said "Did you draw this?". "Yes" she replied. I still wasn't convinced so I kept them both and waited for the next drawing. Sure enough... the drawings keep pouring in. I finally sat Aiyana down with a piece of white paper and an ink pen. I said "Can you draw this for me?"... pointing at the "monster". So she proceeded with the swirly eyes and then the hair like growth from the eyes. Then she drew the mouth and stopped. I asked "Is that it?" She said "no" and continued to draw the lines on the mouth. I said "What is that?" She said "hair". I said "Does the monster have a hairy mouth?" and she said "Yes". I asked her why she always draws monsters and she said "I don't know, I don't like monsters". I said "Then why do you draw them?". She says she doesn't know why, but she doesn't like them. WEIRD!

Anyway... Here's another one.

Disturbing, but I am impressed none-the-less.


tbsomeday said...

that is amazing!!
bella couldn't put together anything more than scribbly lines
she's gonna be an artist...hopefully not a disturbed one :)

Zach said...

Wow, very cool Aiyana and Clara