Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bye Bye Havasupai

Hiking back towards Mooney Falls and then on to the campsite. Little did we know that there was a storm brewing...
You can see Lorin and Sam at the bottom of the canyon in this picture. Lorin, Sam and Dana wanted to take the water route back. It is a longer route, but a change in scenery.I took this picture on the hike to Beaver Falls... Now there's a duplicate because I took one on the hike back.

I also took this picture at the start of our hike, but it looked different to me later in the day.

Mooney Falls

Now we had to climb out of there. Most thought that the climb out was much more intimidating.

Part of the Route to Mooney Falls

Looking back on my climb up... Dana with Mooney Falls behind him.

Almost there...

The Top of Mooney Falls

Dana's mom is completely scared of heights, this would terrify her. Shame on you, Dana!

This is a small waterfall close to the campsite... I really like this picture a lot.

Pack Mules

Havasu Falls

The End

I didn't care to take any pictures during our hike out. I was focused on making it out of the canyon :o). I'll leave you with the videos I took of the storm that finally caught up to us. We made it back to camp in the nick of time after our hike to Beaver Falls. It rained and thundered heavily in the canyon that night. Some of the guys had to put on ponchos and stand guard at any signs of flash flooding. We were concerned that we might have to evacuate. I stayed in the tent and put together a pack of what I wanted to take out with me if we did need to seek higher ground. It was very intimidating.

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tbsomeday said...

those pictures are SO amazing!!!
i can't wait to go

storm would have been scary
but that was cool video with the water off the cliff
least from my safe dry spot here in iowa ;)