Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ojavan's 1st Birthday Party

This weekend we went to Ojavan's first Birthday Party. Ojavan is Dana's cousin's son. Here are some of the picture I took at the party...

I couldn't decide which picture I like best of this shot so I included all three versions.

Black and White


The sweater jacket we got for him...

Eating cake...

Clara playing with the balloons...

Aiyana eating candy...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Need A Good Laugh?

Clara 20 Months

I know... this climbing toy is in A LOT of my pictures, but they love this thing and sometimes I have to just snap their picture wherever they are playing.

Ready to go down the slide...

I bought the girls some boots that were on sale at the OshKosh store and they are super cute. Anyway, I caught this picture of Clara while she was dancing around in hers. If you know anything about Native American Women's Fancy Dancing you will recognize this move. She's gonna be a pro.

Daycare Artwork

I wanted to share some of my children's beautiful artwork with you...

Feathers - By Clara

Monsters - By Aiyana

If you are like me... I thought. There is no way a child who just turned three could draw something like this with such interesting detail. The above picture was drawn on the back of a worksheet that Aiyana worked on at daycare. I showed it to Dana, and to my mom, and we all thought that maybe the teacher might have sketched the picture on the back of her paperwork. The next day there was a similar drawing so I asked Aiyana "What is this?". Aiyana replied "It's a monster". I said "Did you draw this?". "Yes" she replied. I still wasn't convinced so I kept them both and waited for the next drawing. Sure enough... the drawings keep pouring in. I finally sat Aiyana down with a piece of white paper and an ink pen. I said "Can you draw this for me?"... pointing at the "monster". So she proceeded with the swirly eyes and then the hair like growth from the eyes. Then she drew the mouth and stopped. I asked "Is that it?" She said "no" and continued to draw the lines on the mouth. I said "What is that?" She said "hair". I said "Does the monster have a hairy mouth?" and she said "Yes". I asked her why she always draws monsters and she said "I don't know, I don't like monsters". I said "Then why do you draw them?". She says she doesn't know why, but she doesn't like them. WEIRD!

Anyway... Here's another one.

Disturbing, but I am impressed none-the-less.

Flowers from a Friend

My friends are wonderful...

Thanks for the flowers, Amy

Bye Bye Havasupai

Hiking back towards Mooney Falls and then on to the campsite. Little did we know that there was a storm brewing...
You can see Lorin and Sam at the bottom of the canyon in this picture. Lorin, Sam and Dana wanted to take the water route back. It is a longer route, but a change in scenery.I took this picture on the hike to Beaver Falls... Now there's a duplicate because I took one on the hike back.

I also took this picture at the start of our hike, but it looked different to me later in the day.

Mooney Falls

Now we had to climb out of there. Most thought that the climb out was much more intimidating.

Part of the Route to Mooney Falls

Looking back on my climb up... Dana with Mooney Falls behind him.

Almost there...

The Top of Mooney Falls

Dana's mom is completely scared of heights, this would terrify her. Shame on you, Dana!

This is a small waterfall close to the campsite... I really like this picture a lot.

Pack Mules

Havasu Falls

The End

I didn't care to take any pictures during our hike out. I was focused on making it out of the canyon :o). I'll leave you with the videos I took of the storm that finally caught up to us. We made it back to camp in the nick of time after our hike to Beaver Falls. It rained and thundered heavily in the canyon that night. Some of the guys had to put on ponchos and stand guard at any signs of flash flooding. We were concerned that we might have to evacuate. I stayed in the tent and put together a pack of what I wanted to take out with me if we did need to seek higher ground. It was very intimidating.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mooney Falls & Hike to Beaver Falls - Day 2

Mooney Falls

Me in front of Mooney Falls - You can really tell the difference in the color and contrast when you change the shutter speed. The above photo was taken with a long shutter speed therefor letting in more light.

Dana in front of Mooney Falls

My friend Amy & I in front of Mooney Falls

The Challenging Climb Down to Mooney

This is a run off waterfall from Mooney Falls. You could swim under this one and there was a little cavern inside. Mooney Falls is to the right and the long journey to Beaver Falls is to the left, along the stream.

Gangsta - lol

This was such a stunning view of Mooney...

My Hubby & I


One of the many smaller waterfalls along the hike to Beaver Falls...

Josh, Dana & Olin (Dana's dad)

We took the dry trail for most of the hike, but the water is so inviting that the guys wanted to ride the current down to Beaver Falls some of the way.

The lime in the water sometimes causes the stream to look whitish in color...

Emmy ready to duck through some of the thicket...

Dana, Lucy, Karen, Travis & Josh

Can you spot Dana?

We had to walk through a lot of this chest high foliage. It was somewhat surreal looking because there was so much of it. I was told that some of the girls spotted a rattle snake only inches from where I passed by only minutes later... YIKES!

Under the trees and through the... Okay, you get it...


At some points you find yourself towering over the water with more amazing views and a new perspective of the canyon.

Another very short, but challenging climb to get down to Beaver Falls...

Beaver Falls - I'm certain I would have been able to get an amazing photo of this waterfall if I was on the other side of it and if I wanted to hike a little further down for a different angle, but I didn't so this is the shot I got :o)

Looking dowstream from Beaver Falls. Only four more miles and we would have hit the Colorado River.


Karen, Sunnie, Amy & Emmy

The Girls in the Group - Me, Amy, Sunnie, Emmy, Karen & Lucy