Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My cousin's son, Khalil, was such a good sport about letting me take his picture. Khalil is now 14 years old... boy does time fly. Here are just a handful of the many images that I captured during our photo session...

This one is just a creative twist to the old black and white's with color...

Thank you Khalil for being such a good model for me!


tbsomeday said...

very good!
he was such a good sport!
love the half smile ones (like 3rd one down)
and of coure b&w with blue is awesome
love the stocking hat
and really like the tint of color in the last b&w

Jeri said...

He looks the same as when I last saw him, only a bit older. You did a good job capturing his shyness, and awkward teenage boyness! You should mail nana some pictures of all the kids.