Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Havasupai Here We Come!

We are making our way back down to Havasupai this year. The first, and only, time we hiked down was in 2007. I didn't have my blog then so in celebrating our return to the falls I thought I would post about our first trip. Keep in mind that I had two horrible camera options on this trip... a cheap Kodak camera and an underwater camera.

South West rim of the Grand Canyon - You start by hiking down into the valley of the canyon.

Towards the bottom of the canyon

Watch out for the mules! They come through the trails quickly and you have to listen for them and make sure you stand clear of their path... They are on a mission!

Much of the first part of the trek looks likes this...

Supai - When you reach the village, you know that you are almost there (to the falls). It's interesting to me that people live down there and that they are so far from everything. Most villagers take a helicopter in and out of the canyon.

Ooh... la... la... Getting even closer when you start to see these crystal clear water streams.

From the top of Havasu Falls - Just breathtaking in person. This is one of the first falls you come across and you actually pass it on the way to the campsite. You WONT want to leave though.

Havasu Falls from below

Me - Standing under Havasu Falls... truly exhilarating.

Dana under Havasu Falls

Beautiful Water - This stream runs by the campsite and there are rope swings to welcome you in.

Descend At Your Own Risk! - And they mean it. It was quite the descent to get down to Mooney Falls

Chain-link Descent - Even Dana looks apprehensive. You feel empowered after getting down to this location.

People climbing down to Mooney Falls

Mooney Falls

Dana laying in the water at the base of Mooney Falls

Navajo Falls

Navajo Falls - The guys in the group

Top of Navajo Falls - The guys jumped from up here... yikes! I put "Me" in red on the picture to show where I am standing.

I believe that there are a few more falls that Dana and I never made it to since we hiked down on Saturday and helicoptered out on Sunday. There was limited time. I cannot wait to go back and see the rest.


Amberly said...

denten is headed there right now- he goes a couple of times a month for work. all the falls will look different to you this time after the flash flooding that happened- I'm sure you'll have a great time, I'm looking forward to your "after" post!

Jeri said...

I love all of these pictures, some I've seen but some I haven't seen yet. The falls and the water is so beautiful. You described it so wonderfully that I can't wait to go there.

tbsomeday said...

i SO hope i can go
i can only imagine how spectacular they are in person

GREAT pics as always amber!!!