Saturday, August 13, 2011

Clara's Daycare Update

Here's some pictures of my vintage baby... I love, love, love that hat on Clara. I am going to be on a mission to find one of these hats.

Clara's paperwork consists mainly of abstract drawings and paintings :o) and an occasional craft that was made exclusively by the teacher. I tend to keep the stuff that has Clara's touch and pitch the ones that you can tell she had no part in making. I can't keep everything, although I wish I could. Clara, I think, is going to be quite the artist. Aiyana, at this age, would use maybe one color and scribble over a small area of her paper. Not Clara, she is so dynamic in her artwork. My hopes are to frame some of the girls artwork to hang in a play room (we are hoping to turn one of the bedrooms into a playroom for the girls). Anyway, look at these beautiful scribbles...

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tbsomeday said...

such cute pics!

love her color choices
and she really fills the page!