Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Camping in Utah

We went camping up in an area called Duck Creek in Bryce Canyon, Utah this past weekend. I was sooo looking forward to the cooler weather and escaping the Phoenix heat. The daytime temperatures were wonderful, but the night time temps... not so much.

Clara watching us put up the tent...

Our tent that a co-worker of mine let us borrow. The one that we have is smaller.

Skye, Grace, Janie & Jewel - Quads were a big hit over the weekend.

Dana took the girls for a quad ride... They LOVED it

Dana's sister, Carminda (expecting), Siobhan & Sam - Playing games

Aiyana, Grace, Jekel, Janie & Skye

Coloring time...

Dirty Face

Aiyana practiced some good T ball over the weekend

Joecy, Jewel, Aiyana, Jekel & Tessa

View of Bryce Canyon from Cascade Falls Trail

Me in front of a beautiful view of Bryce Canyon. The way my shirt is hanging on me makes me look fat in this picture... Oh well.

Cascade Falls Trail

Aiyana's dirty butt after sitting in the sand...

Aiyana & I in front of Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls

Some of the Cumming's cousins - Andrew, Gabrielle, Aiyana, Kellen, Jewel, Jekel, Tessa, Janie, Joecy, Skye & Grace. Missing from the picture are Keali, Siobhan, Parker & Jade

The Cumming's Boys - Travis, Chris, Sam, Don, Dana, Lorin & their dad, Olin

Wild flowers seen along the Cascade Falls Trail

Clara fell asleep before our hike to the falls so Dana's mom and sister watched her while we hiked. Clara woke up and she was not too happy about being left behind... poor Clara :o(.

She wouldn't even give us a kiss... and she LOVES kisses.

Clara's toes...

Aiyana LOVED walking Lila on her leash. Clara is so scared of this innocent little dog.

Melt down after I took the dog leash from her...

Gabrielle, Aiyana & Clara eating Cheeze Its - Heading back to camp from Cascade Falls

Aiyana was pretending to drive the quad while Clara sat on back. They were quite entertained by this.

The temperatures were fabulous during the day (upper 70's), but freezing at night (upper 40's). Here's a picture of the layers upon layers of blankets that we had to use. Clara was fascinated with the camping lamp by the way :o)

Aiyana, Tessa, Clara & Jekel - Holding hands and jumping

Sunset after we got home from our camping trip on Sunday.

The End


tbsomeday said...

very pretty!
LOVE that sunset pic
and all the cute kids
i have no idea how you keep track of all of dana's family, lol
they are all so beautiful though

i so want to get out west someday
so much i want to see and do

totally in for daytime hiking in the 70's
so totally out for trying to sleep in a tent in the 40s!

Jeri said...

Your pictures are very good, the sunset, the kids, the scenery, all great! All of the kids are adorable! And you look beautiful in your picture, too. This reminds me of the time we went camping in Kaibab National Forest. And it was freezing cold that night, too!

Jana said...

Amazing pictures!!! Your family is beautiful!