Saturday, August 13, 2011

Aiyana's Preschool Update

The girls came home with vintage pictures that were taken at daycare. They turned out pretty good. The first thoughts in my head when I saw these pictures were "I can do this" and "this is what I want to do". Someday, I will get that photography business going.

Aiyana's teacher is so thrilled with the progress that Aiyana is making in class. She said "Aiyana is like a little sponge, she picks up on everything". Her teacher wanted to show me Aiyana's paper and told me just how eager Aiyana was to draw out letters. This is one of the papers that made me very proud. Aiyana was beyond delighted to have received a star on this paper. She kept pointing it out and saying "See mommy, I got a star"

Ever since this assignment, I find the letter E on most of Aiyana's paper work from school :o). Here's here letter M worksheet.

I don't think I learned my letters until first grade... actually I know that's when they taught us penmanship because my first grade teacher is the one who taught me how to write like a typewriter, as I have often been told... crazy how early they learn things these days.

I thought this was a very beautiful and colorful dragonfly... Oh... and if you missed a previous post, the scribbles at the top are Aiyana's signature.

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tbsomeday said...

it's really cool that they shoot such cool pics at the daycare!!

but yes--you could out do that :)

she is really good at her letters
they really start them young there!