Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Aiyana Turns Three

My mom watched Aiyana on her birthday so she didn't have to spend it at daycare. Dana and I had to work.

Aiyana opened one of my mom's gifts to her... A Barbie

... and there are many pictures of her styling the Barbie's hair

...and brushing it

On the phone with Alisa and Joey, they were singing Happy Birthday to her.

At home playing while mommy gets ready for her party the next day

The sunglasses were for the party favor bags

Talking to Zach, Mary and Mason...

I had to throw this picture in the mix. I would have posted it with the birthday party pictures a couple of days ago, but this was taken on my mom's camera and I just got a CD of her pictures.. I thought it was funny how Clara's face is in her cupcake. Watch the video below to see how sly she is while sneaking cake from Aiyana's plate. I love how she holds up her hands and says "all done" after sneaking a few bites.

1 comment:

tbsomeday said...

great pics!
lol about the last one
such a little lady that clara :)
it's like she's in a cake eating contest

can't pull video up here..will have to look at home

looks yummy!