Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Fun & Other Stuff


In the summer time we spend quite a bit of our time indoors, but that's only in July and August. The rest of the year is great for being outside. Here are a couple of the girl's favorite indoor activities.


Building a house or a fort...

...and climbing all over it until it is destroyed and mommy or daddy has to fix it again...

Here's Aiyana playing in her old toddler pool. We need to get her a bigger one now that she LOVES the water.

Clara... Not a big fan of the water.

Here's a picture that I took outside a day after the haboob hit us. You can still see all of the dust in the air.

Our dusty outdoor furniture...

I had to add this picture in remembrance of the hundreds of b-bars my girls have eaten. I have not retired them yet because they are such a huge hit in my house. Some day I may forget what this box looks like.

Yummm... A friend from church brought this over for us. Homemade pickles. Thanks Sister Gadberry!

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tbsomeday said...

cute-fun-summer pics!!

i love homemade pickles
haven't bought them in years--my mom always makes them