Friday, July 8, 2011

Strawberries are Oranges

I don't do this enough, but I need to keep track of the things that the girls say as they are growing and learning. My mom kept a journal while we were little and it is so neat to hear some of the things that I said when I was Aiyana's age.

Aiyana continues to say "I wanna hold you" when she would like to be held. It's so cute that I hardly want to break her of that habit. "Mommy... I wanna hold you"... just precious. She has finally taking a liking to a lot of different fruits and strawberries have become a favorite. Yay... she got past the texture thing and is willing to try some of it out. Don't call them strawberries, though, or she may not know what you are talking about and she may not want to eat them. They are oranges in her book.

The other day I was coming home from work late so I called to see how the kids were doing after Dana picked them up from daycare. Aiyana was eating a sandwich and she was telling me all about it. She said "see mommy... look at my sandwich" as she held it up to the phone. I said "mommy can't see your sandwich silly, I can only hear what you are saying". She looked at Dana and said in a very matter of fact voice "mommy can't see". I thought it was cute how she thought I could see her over the phone. Maybe some day it will be the norm to see each other while we talk on the phone.

Aiyana's favorite movies are...

The Sound of Music
Beauty and the Beast
and Ice Age

She also loves to watch anything with Dora or Elmo on it.

When I ask Aiyana what song she would like to sing she still always says "Bitsy, bisty bider"


Zach said...

Mason LOVES the itsy bitsy spider. He sings part of it "up above the world..." I guess thats about as far as he goes.

tbsomeday said...

such adorable stuff!
it's great you are tracking it all
i've gotten bad about that

love the "hold you" part
SO sweet!!