Saturday, July 9, 2011

San Diego - Solana Beach - Part Two

I really need to learn how to narrow my picture selection down a bit, but I just can't part with some of them. I loved taking pictures of my family on the beach and this particular day was perfect for it because it was over-cast so the lighting was just right.

As usual, there are practically no pictures of me because I am usually the one behind the lens. Here's one I asked Dana to take. Not that flattering, but I kept it because at least it shows that I was there :o).

The sun must have peeped out for a bit or else Aiyana got sand in her eye...

Clara looks less than amused by this sand stuff.

This picture says it all. Aiyana played and LOVED it on the beach... Clara was looking at all of us like we were crazy. She's still holding that shovel and staring at the ground like "I'm suppose to play with this? In this sand? and it's suppose to be fun?"

Creative with photo editing...

The start of a castle that Dana and Aiyana were making...

Toes in the sand...

Still un-impressed

Playful... One of my favorite shots

There's some smiles...

Kisses for daddy... I also really like these next two shots

Aiyana was having a blast running around on the beach...

Lately I have been posting my videos to You-tube and then adding the link to my blog because I think they look more crisp that way, but the videos I took on the beach were super blurry because I didn't want to touch my lens for manual focus. I had a lot of sand on my hands and I didn't want the sand on my camera. So here are some videos, in all of their blurry glory.

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tbsomeday said...

love the pics
specially the ones edited with the color out
so cool!!!
girls were adorable
love their bright colors
LOVE that one of aiyana and the glasses
and clara with the what the heck look at the sand

oh--and loved the imatrex bag ;)