Saturday, July 9, 2011

San Diego

This past weekend we decided to take a last minute family trip to San Diego. While Dana made hotel arrangements at a Marriott in Solana Beach I packed for the trip. We were off by 12:30 on Friday. That normally would have been too late of a start, but we were going into the fourth of July weekend so both Dana and I had Monday off... woo hoo! It was anywhere from 109-117 in Phoenix over the weekend, but Sand Diego (along the beach) it was in the upper 70's and lower 80's during the day... LOVED it.

These are sand dunes at a place called The Dunes outside of Yuma, Arizona. Yuma is one of the most southern cities in Arizona. Dana went to college and played football at Arizona Western in Yuma before going to BYU. We were along the border of Mexico for much of our trip into California.

I guess, many movies have been filmed in these sand dunes.

You can see a lot of these in the eastern parts of California...

Here's a view of the courtyard from our hotel balcony. Dana picked out a great hotel. It was a very nice place.

Of course we had to check out the beach when we arrived, but it was late and the beach was pretty difficult to see from atop the cliffs in Solana. Here's Aiyana and I standing in front of the many steps that take you down to the beach front. The girls were nervous seeing the swirls of waves coming onto the shore. I must admit that it was quite an intimidating site from above.

Dana & Clara...

Ha, ha... we had no idea how many steps there were to the beach front on our first trip to the ocean. So we started with this double stroller thinking we would make our lives easier. No such luck. Some surfer dudes were walking back from the water when we were tackling our second flight of steps. I asked how many more steps were ahead and the one guy answered "Dude, there are like several hundred". Great.

The next morning... As my mom would say "Rise and shine!"


tbsomeday said...

how fun!
great pics of you guys
love the last one of clara's morning stretch and smile!!

Joey said...

SAN DIEGO...I used to go to Del Mar all the time. I miss it all so much. Always had an amazing time out there.

Joey said...

SAN DIEGO!!! I used to go to Del Mar all the time. I miss it all so much. Some of the best times in my life hanging around that city with the other new Marines thinking we were cooler than a polar bears toenail.