Sunday, July 24, 2011


I use to learn things when I went to church, but after I had kids it has been nearly impossible to take anything away from the services other than exhaustion and a yearning desire to get my children with-in the confines of our home as quickly as possible.

I have also learned that...

1.) My children cannot take a nap before 12:00/noon. Our church starts at 1:00 right now and I would love to know where the nap fits in.

2.) If I force my girls to sleep before 12:00, they inevitably sleep into the church hours. If I force them to wake up, I have to deal with very cranky little girls... while at church.

3.) If they don't take a nap at all then the rest of the day is ruined.

4.) They wont sleep at church... Nope, my girls are not like those kids that can just fall asleep in the middle of sacrament.

5.) Lunch is rarely made and entirely eaten prior to needing to leave for church.

6.) Because of the above, we are rarely on time for church.

7.) When we brave sitting in the chapel, we hardly ever stay long because the girls are too noisy and way too naughty.

8.) The girls believe that going to church means, I get to wear a pretty dress, see other children, run around, play and eat snacks.

9.) Aiyana enjoys crawling under pews, standing backwards and associating with those behind us, running down the isle and changing her mind fifty times about if she wants to sit in the chapel or run around in the church gym.

10.) Aiyana has no shame in admitting in front of the entire congregation that she has "to go poop" when the urge hits her and then repeating it even louder when I firmly ask her to be quiet.

11.) Clara enjoys ransacking the diaper bag until she finds all of the snacks and then as she eats the snacks she likes to dump them all over the ground and make a disastrous mess all over the floor.

12.) Aiyana likes to think that the partaking of the sacrament is a snack and proceeds to shout "I want to eat" as the offering is passed around.

13.) Clara likes to copy her sister so it is always double the trouble.

Sigh.... Some day I will get something out of church once again.


The Malone's said...

Hang in there, it does get better. Trust me, I have been there. Some Sundays will be better than others, but I know how hard it is to drag two kids to churhc and wonder if they get any thing out of it. Then one day, they do or say something and it all makes it worth all the trouble.

tbsomeday said...

very funny amber
oh i know those days

i think you need to have your church move it's time for you
have childcare/sunday school during church
works out brilliantly for us
i drop off the girls
they learn and play
and i ENJOY the sermon