Sunday, July 31, 2011

Aiyana's 3rd Birthday Party

She's officially

This might be the best shot I got of this girl the whole day and she's still in motion. She would NOT sit still for a picture. Too excited I guess ;o)

The food theme for Aiyana's party was "Aiyana's Favorite Foods". It was a two o'clock party so we prepared appetizers. We had chicken wings (yes, she loves them), mini pizzas, mini PB & J sandwiches, strawberries and a veggie tray. The veggie tray was mainly for variety because Aiyana hates veggies.
I may not have gotten a good picture of Aiyana, but I got a good picture of Aiyana's cousin Parker :-)

See... She wouldn't sit still! The little Stinker!

Mom & Clara after Clara finally woke up from a very long nap. She missed half of the party :-(

Aiyana & her cousin Parker. They played well together as long as one did not take the other one's toy :-)

We played a couple of games. One game was "Pin the Tail on Boots". Aiyana was admiring Boot's picture.

Here's where all of the tails ended up. We didn't blindfold all of the kids since some of them were too young to know where the tail goes anyway. Aiyana actually won, hers is the brown tail.

Prizes and party favors...

Aiyana enjoying a chicken wing...

Some of the guests...

Aiyana was dipping her strawberries in ranch???

Aiyana's cake that my mom and I had so many laughs while decorating. It's a two layer cake and it did not quite turn out how I had envisioned, but it was made with LOVE.

Singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl...

Playing a simple card game that had prizes written on the back (something easy for the young ones)...

Parker picking his card...

Aiyana heading over to give her Auntie Carminda a hug (Carminda is expecting a boy)...

I took pictures of her opening all of her gifts, but I couldn't possibly upload everything...

Leap Frog drawing toy from my dad... She LOVES it!

Purse from Mom, Dad & Clara. We also ordered her a really cool blow up pool with a slide, but the delivery will come a tad too late :-(.

Shoes from my mom. She's gonna have some cool kicks with gems and lights.

Sesame Street shirt from Uncle Zach, Aunt Mary & Cousin Mason.

Hugs for Jenny...

This was my favorite party to throw for Aiyana because she knew it was her birthday for the first time. I loved it. I took all of the video on our camcorder so I'm sorry there wasn't any video to attach to this post. I also don't have any pictures from the day that Aiyana actually turned three because I had to work, but I will get some pictures from my mom since she watched her on her birthday.

After Aiyana's party I was taking down the decorations and Aiyana looked concerned. She said "those are for my birthday party". I said "honey, your party is over". Aiyana's head hung low and her bottom lip came out. I said "You will have a party next year". She fell to the floor and layed her head in her arms and started to cry :-(. Poor little one.


Zach said...

Great pictures Amber. We wish we could have been there.

Zach said...

Looks like a great party. Mason would have had a blast. Can't wait for Thanksgiving when we all get together again:)

tbsomeday said...

looks so fun amber!
you did a great job!
love the theme :)
i thought the cake was lovely--i'm sure it was a dream cake to aiyana--which is all that matters

i agree--it's so fun when they actually know it's their party

aw--so cute and sad about the tears at the end :(