Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mom's Birthday

I helped my mom celebrate her birthday at Pizzaria Bianco... YUMMMM!

Here's my mom with her friend, and neighbor, Ann...

Aiyana's 3rd Birthday Party

She's officially

This might be the best shot I got of this girl the whole day and she's still in motion. She would NOT sit still for a picture. Too excited I guess ;o)

The food theme for Aiyana's party was "Aiyana's Favorite Foods". It was a two o'clock party so we prepared appetizers. We had chicken wings (yes, she loves them), mini pizzas, mini PB & J sandwiches, strawberries and a veggie tray. The veggie tray was mainly for variety because Aiyana hates veggies.
I may not have gotten a good picture of Aiyana, but I got a good picture of Aiyana's cousin Parker :-)

See... She wouldn't sit still! The little Stinker!

Mom & Clara after Clara finally woke up from a very long nap. She missed half of the party :-(

Aiyana & her cousin Parker. They played well together as long as one did not take the other one's toy :-)

We played a couple of games. One game was "Pin the Tail on Boots". Aiyana was admiring Boot's picture.

Here's where all of the tails ended up. We didn't blindfold all of the kids since some of them were too young to know where the tail goes anyway. Aiyana actually won, hers is the brown tail.

Prizes and party favors...

Aiyana enjoying a chicken wing...

Some of the guests...

Aiyana was dipping her strawberries in ranch???

Aiyana's cake that my mom and I had so many laughs while decorating. It's a two layer cake and it did not quite turn out how I had envisioned, but it was made with LOVE.

Singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl...

Playing a simple card game that had prizes written on the back (something easy for the young ones)...

Parker picking his card...

Aiyana heading over to give her Auntie Carminda a hug (Carminda is expecting a boy)...

I took pictures of her opening all of her gifts, but I couldn't possibly upload everything...

Leap Frog drawing toy from my dad... She LOVES it!

Purse from Mom, Dad & Clara. We also ordered her a really cool blow up pool with a slide, but the delivery will come a tad too late :-(.

Shoes from my mom. She's gonna have some cool kicks with gems and lights.

Sesame Street shirt from Uncle Zach, Aunt Mary & Cousin Mason.

Hugs for Jenny...

This was my favorite party to throw for Aiyana because she knew it was her birthday for the first time. I loved it. I took all of the video on our camcorder so I'm sorry there wasn't any video to attach to this post. I also don't have any pictures from the day that Aiyana actually turned three because I had to work, but I will get some pictures from my mom since she watched her on her birthday.

After Aiyana's party I was taking down the decorations and Aiyana looked concerned. She said "those are for my birthday party". I said "honey, your party is over". Aiyana's head hung low and her bottom lip came out. I said "You will have a party next year". She fell to the floor and layed her head in her arms and started to cry :-(. Poor little one.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I use to learn things when I went to church, but after I had kids it has been nearly impossible to take anything away from the services other than exhaustion and a yearning desire to get my children with-in the confines of our home as quickly as possible.

I have also learned that...

1.) My children cannot take a nap before 12:00/noon. Our church starts at 1:00 right now and I would love to know where the nap fits in.

2.) If I force my girls to sleep before 12:00, they inevitably sleep into the church hours. If I force them to wake up, I have to deal with very cranky little girls... while at church.

3.) If they don't take a nap at all then the rest of the day is ruined.

4.) They wont sleep at church... Nope, my girls are not like those kids that can just fall asleep in the middle of sacrament.

5.) Lunch is rarely made and entirely eaten prior to needing to leave for church.

6.) Because of the above, we are rarely on time for church.

7.) When we brave sitting in the chapel, we hardly ever stay long because the girls are too noisy and way too naughty.

8.) The girls believe that going to church means, I get to wear a pretty dress, see other children, run around, play and eat snacks.

9.) Aiyana enjoys crawling under pews, standing backwards and associating with those behind us, running down the isle and changing her mind fifty times about if she wants to sit in the chapel or run around in the church gym.

10.) Aiyana has no shame in admitting in front of the entire congregation that she has "to go poop" when the urge hits her and then repeating it even louder when I firmly ask her to be quiet.

11.) Clara enjoys ransacking the diaper bag until she finds all of the snacks and then as she eats the snacks she likes to dump them all over the ground and make a disastrous mess all over the floor.

12.) Aiyana likes to think that the partaking of the sacrament is a snack and proceeds to shout "I want to eat" as the offering is passed around.

13.) Clara likes to copy her sister so it is always double the trouble.

Sigh.... Some day I will get something out of church once again.

How Does She Measure Up?

My mom did such a wonderful job of documenting things from my childhood. Recently she sent me my measurements from when I was 2 1/2 years old. I wanted to compare them to Aiyana's so here it is...

My Weight: 26 1/2 lbs... Aiyana 29 lbs

My Height: 36 1/2 inches... Aiyana 35 1/4 inches

Pretty close...

Unfortunately that's all I have for Aiyana's measurements, but my mom had my head circumference at 19 1/2 inches, chest 20, waist 18 1/2, hips 20 3/4 and thigh 11 3/4.

I also wanted to add two funny things that Aiyana says...

Your finger is your "ninger", according to Aiyana... it sounds way cute when she says it.

... and, not only are her breakfast bars called "b bars" now, but so are her barbies. Nana got the girls gifts the other day... just because. Aiyana got her first Barbie and Clara got a really cute summer outfit. Thank you mom!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cherrys, Climbing and Clara

I brought home some Bing cherries and they have been a huge hit with the girls. Since Clara is such a messy eater it is quite the site when this girl is eating them...

Playing indoors on a hot summer's day...

Was It Terrible?

Not so much... Our little Aiyana will never be two again and that makes me sad, but we still have a couple of weeks left at this precarious age.

I am so excited to continue watching you grow my precious Aiyana...

Summer Fun & Other Stuff


In the summer time we spend quite a bit of our time indoors, but that's only in July and August. The rest of the year is great for being outside. Here are a couple of the girl's favorite indoor activities.


Building a house or a fort...

...and climbing all over it until it is destroyed and mommy or daddy has to fix it again...

Here's Aiyana playing in her old toddler pool. We need to get her a bigger one now that she LOVES the water.

Clara... Not a big fan of the water.

Here's a picture that I took outside a day after the haboob hit us. You can still see all of the dust in the air.

Our dusty outdoor furniture...

I had to add this picture in remembrance of the hundreds of b-bars my girls have eaten. I have not retired them yet because they are such a huge hit in my house. Some day I may forget what this box looks like.

Yummm... A friend from church brought this over for us. Homemade pickles. Thanks Sister Gadberry!