Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekend in Page

Aiyana on a swing at her grandma and grandpa's house...

Clara was really enjoying the swings...

Yes... we let them on the trampoline, but certainly not un-attended. They were only up there for a few minutes. It was funny to see their reactions when they started bouncing around on it.

We celebrated Andrew's third birthday party. Aiyana and Andrew are pretty close in age.

Party Glasses

Six of the 16 cousins (soon to be 17). Left to right: Skye, Tessa, Andrew, Gabrielle, Aiyana & Kellen.

Dana's mom playing the piano with the kids while Olin helps them sing songs.

Aiyana, Skye, Lori and Tessa

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tbsomeday said...

looks so fun!
LOVE the sunglasses picture
i'd like to see that with all 16 ;)

i didn't know dana's family was musical
how fun!