Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend - Lake Powell

We headed up north to Lake Powell for Memorial Day weekend. It was going to be our first road trip in the new Acadia, but the Acadia had other plans. Long story short, the Acadia ended up in the shop over the weekend because of a brake fluid leak. My extended warranty contract was too new and not fully processed so they couldn't fix my car until the contract was reviewed and accepted. Sigh... so there went my dreams of a spacious ride with an over-head DVD for the kids. Instead, the BMW dealership gave us a BMW x3 to soften the blow. It was way too small and there was no DVD. We left the next morning and we managed to make it, minus the ideal amount of space and convenient DVD system.

San Fransisco Peaks - Just north of Flagstaff

The Cut - South of Page

The water beckoned us...

It looked to be a promising day as we headed out to a cove near "Sand King".

It was windy, but we made the most of it. Both girls took a while to warm up to the elements, but Aiyana eventually played in the sand and water while Clara watched.

Building a sand castle with daddy...

I thought she was my "Tom Boy", but she was totally un-impressed with the water and the sand. Can you tell?

She got a mouth full of sand from drinking out of her juice bottle. The wind was relentless and kept blowing sand everywhere.

...and that was about it for our adventures on Lake Powell. Thank goodness we waited to set up camp on the beach. Only an hour after we hit the cove, the wind really picked up and we found ourselves stuck in up to 60 mile per hour wind speeds. We remained in the cove, huddled in the boat with beach towels over our heads to protect us from the blowing sand and cold water. Most of the kids found it to be quite entertaining, but eventually they all became fussy, cold and hungry. The boat wouldn't make it back to the marina and we weren't going to attempt it with seven kids and only four adults (five of the kids were under the age of four). There were plenty of life jackets to go around and we made sure to keep them on ourselves and the children as we waited for mercy. We watched as the camp across from us became totally destroyed by the force of the wind. Many of their belongings disappeared in the sky. It was quite the show. One of their sleeping blankets flew up into the clouds, over the mountain, above the birds and towards a small aircraft that was flying over-head. The people who were camping there eventually came back to salvage their things and then seek refuge on the deck of a locked house boat across the cove from us. They eventually waved us over and we waited out the wind on the deck of the houseboat with our new friends. All at once, the wind stopped and we were set free. What an adventure.

Clara was done...

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tbsomeday said...

oh my!
that's quite the adventure!!
i'm glad it stopped
i LOVE that last pic of clara
i love pics of sleeping kids :)

what's with your girls and ground texture?
grass/sand, etc lol