Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A little of the QC

"Two little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bonked her head"

Literally... Clara fell off the bed and hit her head so hard that she held her breath, turned white, then blue, eyes fluttered, arms flexed, head dropped back and I... well I panicked. I had just told Dana that we needed to try and keep Clara from climbing on the bed in the hotel room and the next thing you know, she falls off. I could only reach her foot to try and stop it, but her head slammed right into the floor. I screamed, grabbed her and then she looked like she was going to start convulsing. All I could do was pace the floor and chant "call 911... call 911... call 911" There was nothing else I could do, but wait until eternity had passed before the ambulance arrived. In the meantime Clara had reverted into her normal self besides the blueness that remained around her lips. It wasn't until the EMT's arrived that I realized I could call one of the pediatric neurologists I work for and get some advise. I called Dr. Jarrar and in a sheer state of panic, explained what had happened. I was advised to calm down (first and foremost) and reminded that she displayed signs of a breath holding spell. Long story short, we ended up refusing treatment for her and watched her closely the rest of the evening. She was up for about an hour and a half before bedtime so that gave us time to see how she was doing after the event. I do EEG testing and breath holding spells are a common thing that we see in the lab, but when it happens to your own child it is very scary. I also wasn't sure, at the time, if she hit her head hard enough to knock herself unconscious or, worse yet, if she had a brain bleed. I knew time was of the essence. The thought makes me shudder. Thankfully she has been doing well and the lesson learned there was... no more hotel stays unless we have something for the girls to play with besides the bed. Uggg.

My friend Mechell met up with us at the hotel so she could see the girls and then her and I headed out in the Quad Cities for a while. This trip was mainly to see family, but it was nice to swing by the QC see some of my friends while I was back in the Midwest.

Meet Darvez... Darvez is Mechell's friend. Darvez also happened to live in my neighborhood while I was growing up. Darvez also use to pick on me when I was like 4, 5 and 6 and he was like 8, 9 and 10. What a bully right? Anyway, I lived to tell the tale and trust me you... he hears about it ALL the time.

Aiyana and my friend Karri's son, Colton.

Aiyana and Clara

I met up with some of my friends at Happy Joes Pizza Parlor which has started to be a tradition with the group. I LOVE Happy Joes Pizza so I have to get it when I visit back home.

It's spring time in the Midwest so all of the trees are in beautiful bloom.

I had to get some pictures of my Nana's house because I think it might be on the market to sell soon ;o(. There are so many memories that this house holds for me. If I could afford it, I would buy it. It has so much character. I love this house.

There use to be a weeping willow tree in the front yard that was cut down years ago. The hill on the right side of the house was great for sledding. It doesn't look that big, but it seemed big to us when we were little. The black jug sitting in front of the house was from the farm that my grandma grew up on.

There is actually a storm cellar under this "hill". We played on the hill a lot when we were younger. I specifically remember my cousin Jeremy swatting at wasps for thrilling entertainment. He would swat and we would run screaming. Crazy kids... I know. We would often sit on the storm cellar door and have long talks until my Nana would come out of the house and tell us not sit there because we could fall in.

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tbsomeday said...

great pictures amber!
glad everything was okay with poor little clara!
sometimes working in the health field is helpful and sometimes knowing what we know makes everything worse!

it was so great seeing you
i LOVE your tree pics--the one with the branches is a very cool shot!

love the house too
it's very pretty and your memories were fun to hear about!