Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back in Chicago

From Alisa's apartment, we took a walk down to Lake Michigan. Had it been a couple days later we would be in shorts and a t-shirt. That's spring weather in the Midwest for ya.

Aiyana eyeing a bird.

Clara was a bit chilled.

I liked this one in black and white...

The girls and I in front of Lake Michigan

I thought this building was cool so I took pictures of it. I was later told that it is the tallest building in downtown Chicago that is strictly condos with no businesses.

Dana would probably remember what building this is. I liked this picture because Aiyana is hanging on by holding daddy's hair ;o).

Michigan Avenue

Alisa's apartment building

Namesake beer that Joey bought for Zach to celebrate his welcome into Chicago

I got to see my little nephew, Mason. That makes me smile ;o).

The city at night. The top of the Willis Tower was lit up pink for Mother's Day.


Zach said...

You got a super nice camera. The city scape is nice. I took that photo you got of Mason and made it my Facebook profile pic. Love that guy

Joey said...

Building with the Horse...Field Museum (After Marshall Field)

tbsomeday said...

very cool pics!
looks cold though by the lake-brrr!
the cold clara pic was adorable :)

horse building was pretty cool!
does it always have a horse on front?

mason is adorable too
a trio of cute kids!!

very cool about the pink tower too!

looks like you got a lot in on your trip home!

can't wait to have you back!

xoxoxo :)