Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Aiyana's First Haircut

My baby's first haircut...

She looks a bit nervous...

That's better ;o)

She did well until we took the gown off to see if it was straight. After that it was nearly impossible to get her to sit back down to have a section evened out. Oh well, it looks good now. We had about an inch taken off of the bottom and the sides trimmed up. Her hair looks very healthy and she still has her signature "too long for a two year old" hair ;o).

Pictures of Clara - 16 Months Old

I use to be really good about taking staged monthly photos, but I have been slacking. Here are a hodge podge of pictures I took of Clara while she was sitting in her high chair eating a snack.

She LOVES to stand in her highchair. It drives us nutty.

The look of determination...

What's that?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Until Next Time, Chicago

There was so much I wanted to do in Chicago, but did not do because of time constraints, weather and having the girls with us. Joey took Dana and Aiyana on a one hour driving tour of the city while I stayed back at the apartment with Clara. Here's a drive by shot of the bean. I really wanted to go to the bean and take some cool reflective shots, but maybe next time.

The United Center

Soldier Field

US Cellular Field

Shedd Aquarium

John G. Shedd Aquarium

Chicago Skyline from Shedd Aquarium

Puffer Fish

Aiyana admiring the fish...

This is about as close as Clara ever got to the fish tanks. She was scared of most of the fish.

Scuba diver feeding the fish...

They had a huge jelly fish display, but we didn't get passes to go in that area because we knew the girls would only last so long.


Aiyana viewing the manta ray

Sharing some raisenettes...

Some scary looking turtle...

Beautiful sea turtle. Apparently this big boy was involved in some sort of an accident that prevented his back side from following him while he swam around. His hind end would always float upwards. I didn't hear what they had said about it because I had the girls sitting by me while they were talking about the animals.

A giant snake...

Clara was a little freaked out by the snake.

It was so much fun going to the aquarium. The girls probably enjoyed this part of our trip the most, but I think it would be a better experience when they are a bit older. Clara passed out after we got back to my sister's apartment.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I got to spend Mother's Day with my Nana, my mom, my husband, my children and my siblings. How awesome is that? Here's Nana with Mason.


This is the only picture I have of the girls and I on Mother's Day and it was bad lighting ;o(

My brother, his wife and their son, Mason. Not a good place for pictures with the sunlight.

I distracted Aiyana from coloring so I could take a picture ;o)

There's the big cheesy smile she's been giving me lately

Of course... The girls will not sit still for a picture with their "other" Nana. My brother tried his best to hold Aiyana still, but Nana was losing her soldier quickly.

Nana looks flustered...

Not gonna happen.

Me with my mom, Nana & siblings.

Later that day we ate at Lou Malnati's Pizza for some yummy Chicago style deep dish pizza. The girl's orneryness persisted into the night. So everyone was trying their best to keep them entertained.

"I wanna get out!!!" Aiyana chanted over and over while we waited for our food. Look at my sister's face... ha, ha, ha. I love it. My sister was wondering how I put up with it. I told her that the girls were way out of their element on this trip. They were driving Dana and I "up a wall" at times.

At least one of them was entertained.