Friday, March 18, 2011

Post Winter Yard Clean Up

Winters are kind to us in Phoenix, but our poor tropical/desert plants took a little bit of a beating this season.

Let's start with the good...

Dana bought me a beautiful hibiscus plant for Valentine's Day. We plan to plant this in our backyard somewhere.

The navel orange tree got pampered the most during the frosty nights. We covered it with the only extra fitted sheet we had in the house. Note to self... get more fitted sheets for the other plants next winter. This poor orange tree has not really done much growing since we brought it home from the place we purchased it, but I think it looks the best it ever has right now. So what little leaves are there are looking very hearty and healthy. I'm excited for this little guy to take off.

We have these little lizzards running all over the place which is great because they eat the bugs. I don't ever remember seeing so many of them in previous years so I am not sure why they are out in abundance this year.

We thought the boganvias were done for, but alas they sprouted new leaves. I was kind of hoping for their demise because they have thorns that make them really hard to prune back, but I won't just yank them out for the sake of convenience so I guess we keep them. They sure are pretty when the pink leaves start to bud.

This one doesn't look as good, but it will take off. These things are pretty resilient.

Yay... we did not loose the key lime tree. We also thought this one was a gonner. I was so happy to see the new leaves budding out. Bring on the limes!

We did have to really prune it back though ;o(

Lastly... Look at our palm grow. All three of our palm trees did really well with the frost.


Jeri said...

I'm waiting for that key lime pie!

tbsomeday said...

i think it's SO cool you can grow tropical fruit!