Sunday, March 20, 2011


On Saturday Dana and I headed an hour north of Phoenix to look at a GMC Acadia at a dealership in Cottonwood, AZ. Unfortunately, the Acadia was not what I was looking for despite what was posted by the dealership on autotrader. I was really disappointed because it was a long trip and Dana had a lot of work to do... plus, I really thought that I was finally getting my Acadia. The dealership ended up paying for our gas... and I was on empty so I was happy about that. My mom was watching the girls for us so we made the best of our trip and headed to Jerome on our way back. The first time we were in Jerome (last summer) it was late when we got there and it got dark quickly so I was anxious to get some pictures during the day this time around. It was a dreary day which made for a good backdrop to the town's spooky atmosphere. If you do not know anything about Jerome, check out this website.

View of Verde Valley as you head up to Jerome

Winding through the town on the main highway

Pretty, little waterfall

Many of the houses look like this...

View of the town as you are driving up the mountain (many of these pictures were taken out of my front windshield so they are not crisp shots)

Homes over-looking the Verde Valley

The large building at the top of the picture is a hotel and the building just below it is the town hall. My guess is that the town hall use to be a school.

The winding highway through Jerome...

I think someone lives in this house, but it looks like it's straight out of a haunted movie to me.

More of the winding highway...

Here's a close up of the city hall...

One of the many touristy streets, lined with shops.

Driving through town with Verde Valley in the distance.

Dana and I already plan to go back to Jerome again with the girls. There's still a lot to see and it's really a neat little town.


Jeri said...

These are awesome pictures. Al and I have that on our list to go there.

tbsomeday said...

way to make the best out of the day timmerman!