Sunday, March 13, 2011

Catching Up

Thank goodness we all survived. I think we have managed to make it through the sickness slump. Clara was the last to get tormented by the bug. Clara had pink eye and an inner ear infection in her right ear. Dana's mom came down from Page last week and stayed with the girls so we could keep them out of daycare and away from the germs for a week. We are all healthy now except that I still have a few swollen lymph nodes in my neck, I am getting occasional headaches and I am really, really tired every day. Not sure what that is all about, but I may have mono and if that is the case then this is how I will feel for another month or two. I am so sick of doctors that I don't even want to go in and confirm my theory.

Here's a picture I took of Clara last week. I thought she looked like a big girl sitting at the table all by herself. Please excuse her ghetto hair-do, she was sick when I took this picture ;o(.

Aiyana really likes Elmo after we discovered Sesame Street games on the computer. So for Valentines Day we bought her some Elmo pj's.

This is still her "I'm tired" pose... right hand playing with her eye lashes and left fingers in her mouth. I wonder when she will outgrow this?

My Christmas Cactus bloomed the other day... woo hoo! The Christmas Cactus plant reminds me of my great grandmother (my grandpa's mom on my mom's side). My mom had a Christmas Cactus of my grandmother's for many years.

Why did I take a picture of shoes, you ask... These shoes were the last item my Nana bought for the girls. She bought them for Aiyana a while back and by the time we got them from Iowa, they were too small for Aiyana to wear so Clara has been wearing them. My grandma was recently diagnosed with Lewy Bodies dementia. We have known for a couple of years that she had dementia, but it was initially diagnosed as Alzheimer's Disease. In any case, my Nana has bought the girls many cute outfits over the last several years, but this pair of shoes remain the last item she bought for my girls and I will cherish them forever. I figured what better way of preserving them than taking a picture of them. Are they not adorable?


tbsomeday said...

glad everyone is finally feeling better!

love the pics
lol-ghetto hair--you make me laugh :)

the eyelashes and finger sucking--well...tayla is 4yrs and she still sucks her thumb and twiddels her/my hair
it'll all end too quickly i'm sure!

sweet about the shoes
they are very cute!
need another little girl to fill them ;)

Jeri said...

I was with nana when she picked out those shoes. I'll never forget those times.