Saturday, March 26, 2011

About My Ancestors

I just found out some really fascinating news about my ancestors. I would blog about it, but my mom did such a good job of doing it that I'll just go ahead and send you HERE.


Sara said...

How neat! My husband's aunt is married to a Luttrell, I wonder if they're any relation? It's probably a pretty common name, but wouldn't that be funny!

Amber said...

That would be neat to find out. We were talking about it and there are probably hundreds of thousands of descendants to the Luttrell's out there. My mom is 11 times removed from Thomas Luttrell and I am 12 times removed. Wonder who got all the money? ;o)

Most of our family who are descendants live in Indiana and some live in Iowa.

tbsomeday said...

oh my goodness
the green of that grass about knocks you over!
i LOVE castles!!
someday i'm gonna be a princess and live in one :)